How to use it?

1, An account and password will be sent to you via email within 6 Hours after payment
2, The account originally has specific credits. You might not be able to see the balance, but it does have.
3, Login in the account, then authorize to your computer
4, Then you can download movies, songs, games etc. Enjoy it!
1, All sales are final
2, Please spend all your credits within 24 Hours; The credits will be invalid after 24 Hours
3, Please Do not change the password so that we can help you out if you meet any problems; We have the right to refuse to handle any problems if the password is changed
4, Please contact us in time if you meet any problems

Most of time, We will response immediately after your payment. Please stay online and check your email within 30 mins. We will send you the code ASAP!

We sincerely appreciate your business.